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21. Writing things.

Anonymous asked: Hi there, I am a fifteen year old white female and I really just wanted to drop in here and apologize to you for everything anybody in my race has ever done to you and your race and other races. Please know that yes, most of us are, not all of us white folks are bad. I love you and every other PoC. I don't see the difference between you and I; you are a human with a soul, as am I. I'm sorry for how you feel towards us. And I am sorry I don't know how to fix this racism yet.



Dear white youths,
People of color don’t want you to apologize for being white or for the actions of other white people. An apology doesn’t do anything as a response to racism. White guilt isn’t mending any bridges. Stop apologizing and actually start doing work to combat the racism you are so horrified by. Start by reading books, listening to POC, educate yourself. Sorry means nothing.